The Bobbin Tree + Inspirations

30th September 2022

When we announced our kit sale a few weeks ago, you may remember that we referenced something exciting was happening at Inspirations HQ.

Originally, we were making space within our office so we could welcome you in to view some of the original projects from our publications as well as purchase our range of magazines, books, kits and wares.

However, in the last few weeks a much bigger and more exciting opportunity presented itself.

Many of you will be familiar with the work of Jenny McWhinney. Over the years Jenny’s whimsical designs have graced the pages of Inspirations magazine, including the much-loved series, the Adventures of Monet the Mouse.

In 2016 Jenny, along with her incredibly supportive husband Ron, opened their retail space, The Bobbin Tree, right here in our hometown of Adelaide.

The Bobbin Tree quickly became a must-see destination for locals and tourists alike.

A few weeks ago, Jenny and Ron announced that after six incredible years it was time to close The Bobbin Tree and that their last day of trading would be 30th September. After the announcement, a series of fortuitous conversations followed.

What if instead of Inspirations opening a retail space of our own, we were able to combine these plans and keep The Bobbin Tree open?!

And so it came to be that Jenny and Ron graciously agreed that The Bobbin Tree’s ownership would be passed to Inspirations Studios. The store will now remain open for the benefit of the needlework community both local and abroad.

Today we are thrilled to announce that after a brief closure, The Bobbin Tree will open for the first time under the Inspirations banner on Monday 10th October.

The Bobbin Tree by Inspirations, as it will be known, will still offer an enormous array of needlework essentials, but you will now also be able to purchase a range of Inspirations’ kits, magazines and books.

Some of the original projects from our current publications will also be on display for you to admire. If you think the projects look incredible in print, just wait until you see them firsthand, they will take your breath away!

On top of that, The Bobbin Tree by Inspirations will continue to offer a range of stitching class each week. We’re also hoping to invite some of the designers whose works are published in the pages of Inspirations’ publications to teach their designs in store.

For those of you who don’t call Adelaide home, The Bobbin Tree by Inspirations is still good news for you. Not only can you add it to your travel itinerary, but over the coming months you will see our online product offering expand as we begin to add new threads, accessories, notions and wares currently stocked at The Bobbin Tree.

Whilst there are lots of exciting possibilities ahead, we want to pay tribute to Jenny and Ron McWhinney for all they have contributed to the needlework community. It is our great privilege to carry on that which they have started, and we’re honoured that they have trusted us to do so.

And who knows, you might even spot Jenny herself at The Bobbin Tree by Inspirations from time to time enjoying a browse, a cup of tea and a chat?!

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