The Art of Margaret Lee

4th June 2021

One of the lovely things about having the Inspirations HQ in Adelaide, Australia, is that some of our favourite designers also live in the same city. That means they often pop in to deliver projects and while they’re here, stay for a chat and a catch up – something everyone in the office thoroughly enjoys.

Just the other day, the doorbell rang and we were delighted to greet Margaret Lee, smiling as always. While we spent some time catching up, the main reason she was calling in was to drop off some materials we source from her and as a result, we are now all stocked up again with some Margaret Lee goodies.

Inspirations has been fortunate enough to publish several of Margaret’s books including The Art of Japanese Bead Embroidery and her most recent title The Art of Chinese Embroidery 2, the follow-on book from her original, The Art of Chinese Embroidery. This second book in her Chinese Embroidery series focuses on Random Stitch Embroidery, a technique that produces stunningly life-like results in exquisite silks.

As well as her books, we also have several kits available if you’d like to give this technique a try. Margaret’s instructions are second-to-none, so if you couple that with purchasing a Ready-to-Stitch kit with all of the materials you need included, you’re well on your way to mastering this wonderful skill. 

Printed Books

The Art of Bead Embroidery Japanese-Style

Printed Books

The Art of Chinese Embroidery

Printed Books

The Art of Chinese Embroidery 2


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