Taylor Seville Needle Threader & Conditioner

22nd January 2021

Are you ready for some cute overload? Margaret Lee recently shared with us a priceless video of young children tyring to thread a needle, which you can watch on YouTube HERE.

As cute as these little people are, can’t we all relate to their childish frustration?

Threading needles - an essential job, something we do over and over, and yet something which never seems to get easier!

As threading needles is something we simply cannot avoid, a good needle threader is essential. The problem with many needle threaders is the same problem with threading needles in general – sometimes our eyes just aren’t quite up to the task of being able to see properly.

That is where the fabulous Taylor Seville needle threader comes in… and what a tool it is.

With an ergonomically designed, easy to hold handle, a light and a magnifier, there isn’t a tool on the market which makes threading needles any easier. The designers have thought of everything that a passionate embroiderer whose eyes aren’t as good as they used to be might need. And this is the result.

To accompany this fantastic tool, Taylor Seville have also released a thread conditioner. Threading needles is hard when the thread is fluffy or out of control. With thread conditioner, you can tame your thread so that it slides through the eye of the needle and subsequently your fabric with ease.

This is the perfect combination to ensure that your unavoidable task becomes so easy, you’ll wonder why you ever got frustrated with it. You’ll be the envy of your stitching friends and, as cute as those children might be, that frustration will be a thing of the past.

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