Tassels – Creating Textile Ornaments

26th May 2023

Maria Rita Faleri first graced the Inspirations community with her beautiful project Tied in Knots, featured in Inspirations issue #103. 

After introducing us to new Italian knotting techniques that she used to create exquisite tassels, many became enthralled with her work and this new technique.

Now, her book ‘Nappe – Forme di Ornamento Tessile’, which translates to ‘Tassels – Creating Textile Ornaments’ is available from our website and is an embroiderer’s treasure chest filled with unique and exquisite tassels, hand-made with knotted embroidery.

Maria’s book allows you to recreate your own unique and intricately ornamental tassels.

With English translations included to make her work even more accessible, this traditional Italian technique has captivated everyone.

Her incredible book can be purchased using the link below.

Tassels – Creating Textile Ornaments

Maria Rita Faleri, Rosalba Pepi
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