Swedish Weaving

14th June 2024

This is new! Not just the book but also featuring this technique in our newsletter.

Swedish Weaving, also known as ‘huck embroidery’, or ‘huck weaving’, is a robust, versatile style of embroidery that’s been around for hundreds of years.

One of our favourite things about Swedish Weaving is the adaptability, as designs can be used in a number of different ways and on a number of different fabrics, giving rise to a world of creativity.

To help navigate our journey learning about this fabulous technique, Katherine Kennedy has released a new book titled ‘Swedish Weaving Pattern Directory’. 

As a world authority on Swedish Weaving, Katherine’s knowledge and expertise is second-to-none. Featuring 50 unique designs, as well as written instructions and easy-to-follow charts and images for each, this is the perfect book for beginners and a wonderful source of inspiration for more seasoned stitchers.

The book includes wonderful, practical tips, such as how to best determine pattern placement, as well as choosing the most suitable fabric and thread for any given project.

And here’s a little spoiler alert for you… a little birdie told us to keep our eye out for a Swedish Weaving project coming to an Inspirations publication soon. Hmmm…. intriguing! 

For now, purchase your Swedish Weaving Pattern Directory book using the link below.

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Swedish Weaving Pattern Directory

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