Survey Says

5th April 2019

Our recent survey generated some terrific feedback from you all and helped us better understand everyone’s likes and dislikes and the things that are most important to you going forward.

The good news is most of the initiatives we’re currently working on to expand and improve Inspirations Studios in the months and years ahead, lined up beautifully with many of your suggestions, so it seems great minds really do think alike!

We noted that in some of the survey answers some people asked specific questions or needed additional information from us. We’d love to have a dialogue with you however, as the survey was anonymous, we don’t know who you are, so if you’re waiting on a response from a question you asked in your survey please reach out via email to and we can keep the conversation with you going.

While we’re still collating all the data and preparing a summary to share with you all, we can tell you that some of the hot topics from the survey include improving the availability of our products so, where possible, you can purchase them locally; you would like the option of buying our patterns in both digital and print; you want to pay less for shipping (no arguments from anyone on that one!); want it easier to source the materials required to stitch the projects we feature and you would like more of everything! With the caveat though that we never compromise on our quality.

Another revelation the survey gave us was that we have so much information we can share with you to make your needlework experience even richer. From better explaining our products and services and everything that a relationship with Inspirations can offer you, to telling you more about the people in our industry you may not know about, or liberating our archives full of knowledge and wisdom, there’s so much we want to make available to you.

But just like every needlework project that has even been brought to life, it’s all about taking things one stitch at a time. So, in time we’ll be back to tell you more about the exciting future ahead and how together we’re all going to change the world, one stitch at a time.

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