21st October 2022

Can we let you in on a little secret?

Whilst Inspirations HQ is housed in a magnificent, old, two-story house that looks over green parklands in picturesque North Adelaide in South Australia, sometimes our offices are a little more function over form than perhaps we’d like to admit!  

Although the products we produce are incredibly beautiful and creative, the process used to get there is mostly administrative and detailed. Hence, most of our days are spent in meeting rooms or at our computers. 

Even the room used to assemble our kits is incredibly functional. As soon as supplies arrive, they’re stored in labelled project boxes. Somewhat out of sight, out of mind until all the components are gathered together. Then, myriad gorgeous fabrics, threads and notions are taken from their project box and assembled into a kit box, barely seeing the light of day.

Sometimes it’s easy for the beauty of the stitched art we’re celebrating to get lost in the surrounds of our office.

Enter The Bobbin Tree by Inspirations.

We hadn’t realised just how much we’d missed being surrounded by all things needle and thread until we started spending time in the shop.

When we’re at The Bobbin Tree, we’re in a space that’s all about form and it turns out it’s a welcome contrast to the function of Inspirations HQ.

Not only are the furniture and fixtures that Ron and Jenny selected for the shop reminiscent of a haberdashery shop from a bygone era, but carefully selected glass cabinets also now house some of the projects from our current publications for all to see. The chatter that fills the store when a class is in progress adds to the ambience already present.

There are countless threads in an astounding array of colour and texture. Fabrics housed together in almost every shade imaginable beg us to stitch, whilst a curated selection of gift wares has us thinking about buying presents in a whole new light. 

The inspiration and delight that has come from being surrounded by all things needle and thread has made us realise just how much our surroundings contribute to our sense of wellbeing and joy. Now we’re just trying to work out how to take The Bobbin Tree by Inspirations with us wherever we work or stitch!

When you pick up needle and thread, are you surrounded by form or function? We’d love to hear about where you stitch and what makes your stitching environment ‘perfect’.

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