Sunbeams by Taetia McEwen

31st July 2020

For children, there is mystery in the darkness. Often it is a mystery which can be frightening, scaring little imaginations into believing in monsters under the bed and shadows in the wardrobe.

A night light is the perfect defence to chase away monsters and scary shadows, helping even the most unsettled child go to sleep.

Those of us who are parents and grandparents know that night lights which give children something else to think about are the ones that work the best.

Some night lights project rotating stars onto the ceiling, others play soft music, and still others are decorated with the child’s favourite characters. But all of them offer the chance to direct their imagination toward something they love and provide inspiration for a bedtime story or an invitation to fall into a wonderful dream.

‘Sunbeams’ by Taetia McEwen from Inspirations issue #107 is absolutely perfect for this task. This beautifully embroidered lampshade is covered in cute and quirky characters, guaranteed to capture the imagination of even the most fretful child.

There are stories on every part of the lampshade just waiting to be told, from the tiny ladybird walking with the stroller and the cheeky grasshopper catching a ride on the back of a snail, to the dancing bees and the fairy blowing a tune on her golden trumpet.

As you stitch this enchanting piece, you’ll be delighted by the intricate details tucked into every element. Taetia has utilised a host of different techniques including appliqué, stumpwork, surface embroidery and ribbon embroidery to create this magical fairyland scene.

Circling the bottom of the design is a charming verse, turning the original ‘Starlight, Starbright’ nursery rhyme on its head to remind the reader that the dark night will pass and the sunshine will come again.

Sunbeams fits perfectly with our article from last week’s newsletter HERE on discovering new and unusual ways to mount your embroidery. Taetia’s lamp throws beautiful soft light when on and highlights the embroidery in a way you could never achieve were it simply mounted on the wall.

This is not to say this project couldn’t be worked as a flat piece and framed, as the dimensions are perfect to do just that. However, as a gift for a treasured child, we couldn’t think of a better use for your completed embroidery.

Perhaps you were wondering what to make for that new grandchild. Or maybe you wanted to do something really special for a child’s upcoming birthday. Two children? Look out for our upcoming Handpicked project ‘Starlight’ which is a companion lamp to this one, bringing you more of Taetia’s wonderful stitching and imagination.

Sunbeams’ (Left) and Handpicked Project ‘Starlight’ (Right)

But it doesn’t just have to be for a child. We know that, as children at heart, there is often a little corner hidden away in each of us which believes in fairies and would love to settle down of an evening accompanied by a miniature world of magical creatures. ‘Sunbeams’ is perfect, no matter the reason. 

Every now and then, we could all do with something special to chase the dark away and bathe the world in gentle light.

Make Your Own Sunbeams

Step 1 – Purchase Project Instructions

Sunbeams by Taetia McEwan is a captivating fairy-tale garden adorning a lampshade, created using raised and surface embroidery

Printed Magazines

Inspirations Issue 107

Digital Patterns

Sunbeams – i107 Digital

Step 2 – Purchase Ready-To-Stitch Kit

The Inspirations Ready-To-Stitch kit for Sunbeams includes everything* you need to re-create this magical lampshade: Fabrics (unprinted), wool felts, fusible webbing, wire, entomology pins, fibre-fill, charms, buttons, feather, goat hair, embroidery threads, ribbons, beads, sequins and needle.


Sunbeams – i107 Kit

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