14th December 2018

Did you know that celebrating your own successes can help those around you achieve their best?

When we celebrate our success, we show those around us what’s possible, encourage them to achieve more and in turn celebrate their own achievements.

Whilst it’s important to maintain a healthy balance between humility and our sense of ability, all too often we lean towards humility all the while undervaluing our abilities, especially those with needle and thread.

We often hear of stitchers who are reluctant to share their work publicly because they don’t believe it measures up, and yet when encouraged to share their success, they often find it sits equally alongside the standard they didn’t think they could reach.

Successes, both big and small, deserve to be celebrated.

It can be as simple as taking a moment to reflect on the path you took to achieve the success that lays before you, sharing the achievement with family or friends, making a note of the goal so it inspires you in your future endeavours, right through to displaying your success publicly and thanking everyone who supported you in reaching your goal.

So why not inspire someone around you today by taking a moment to celebrate your own success with needle and thread? We look forward to hearing what and how you celebrated!

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