12th November 2021

Some of us at Inspirations HQ have just recently returned to the office after photographing Inspirations issue #114. Whilst it’s not a new process for any of us, there always seems to be a moment that takes us by surprise.

As has been said about raising children ‘that it takes a village’, the same can be said of publishing the magazine. There are a lot of people who play their part to make what we do at Inspirations possible. Two such people who are part of our village are our stylist and photographer who have been with us since issue #90.

Over time, we’ve become familiar with the way they gather props, style the projects and photograph each of the pieces within our publications.

They form a story about each piece that they look to convey through the images they curate and capture.

Sometimes the stories are simple, yet there are times the detail of narrative they form captures our attention and transports us to the world they’ve imagined. One such piece that did this on our most recent photo shoot was Wendy Innes’s Rainbow Bee-Eater. Not to spoil the surprise of Inspirations issue #114 arriving in your mailbox April ‘22, but the piece is a spectacular bird delicately perched atop a sprig of orchids. Its colours are vibrant, with the stitches bringing a realistic dimension to its subject.

As we laid Wendy’s stitching on a timber steppingstone amidst greenery as vibrant as the bird itself, our stylist unpacked the props, along with the story that went with them.

The photo will capture a bird watcher who’s stepped away from his position momentarily, leaving behind not only his binoculars, notepad and Avian reference guide, but also a thermos of beverage and a spattering of trail mix he’s packed for sustenance throughout the day.’

It was amazing how the details of Natalie’s story brought not only the piece, but also the props, location and final image to life. Almost instantly, we felt at one with the bird watcher whose return was imminent, knowing he’d brought everything he needed, and then some, as he sought to observe a Rainbow Bee-Eater in its natural habitat.

There was a certain magic in knowing the ‘why’ behind the image’s ‘what’ and it made us appreciate what was before us all the more. We hope when you see the images of Wendy’s stitching in Inspirations issue #114, Natalie’s story will come to mind, and like us, you’ll find yourself instantly transported to another time and place.

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