Stitching With Your Ears

31st August 2018

Stitching, as you are all aware, requires two hands, two eyes and a good measure of concentration. And except when we go to our regular stitch group or a class, it is also quite solitary.

So, what would you say to listening to fascinating discussion about your favourite hobby, for free, in the comfort of your own stitching chair?

If you haven’t already discovered the world of podcasts, then you are in for a treat. Podcasts are on-demand radio shows about any and every subject you could possibly imagine. It won’t come as a surprise to learn that there are a number of stitching podcasts available, and one of our favourites is Stitchery Stories.

The chirpy Susan Weeks interviews a textile artist or embroiderer each episode, so you are spoilt with chatter about inspiration, background stories, designs and disasters. We’ve found it perfect for making that awful unpicking job bearable or passing several thoroughly enjoyable hours immersed in our favourite subject.

If you haven’t tried podcasts yet, you can listen to them through your phone, computer or tablet, and you can subscribe so that each time a new episode is posted, it will automatically download to your device. Check out the Stitchery Stories website HERE for more information their podcasts.

Now, isn’t that better than listening to hubby shouting at the football on the TV?

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