Stitching with Bees

30th October 2020

For mixed media artist, Ava Roth, stitching with bees means asking bees to be collaborators in her artistic process.

One of Ava’s pieces, using horsehair (source)

Ava, concerned about the destruction of bee colonies, creates unusual hoop art using natural materials such as horse hair, porcupine quills and bark, as well as fabric and beads. She then places her hoop inside a frame which is inserted into a bee hive. This is where the magic begins, as the bees build their honeycombs around the pieces, adding to the works in mysterious and beautiful ways.

Who would have thought that asking the natural world to collaborate in one’s textile art could be so fruitful, or so exquisitely sublime?

To see more of Ava’s work, you can follow her on Instagram @avarothart or to read more about her and her work, visit her website.

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