Stitching on Social | November

26th November 2021

Over the Christmas break, hopefully you’ll find plenty of time to relax and maybe even time to scroll through some of the fabulous inspiration on social media. To help make sure you’re not missing out on any of the talented embroiderers, textile artists and needleworkers who are posting, here are a few more people you could follow:

@cathycullis – Cathy Cullis is an embroiderer, artist and writer from the UK. Her lovely, embroidered portraits hark back to the sixteenth century.

@danielle_dun_art – Danielle Dun cleverly combines vintage imagery with stitching and printing to create fascinating and striking works of art.

@limonush_ – We had to look several times at the incredible embroidered landscapes stitched by Julia Omarova. They are so lifelike it is hard to believe they aren’t photographs.

@terinalbone – Teri Nalbone creates folk art out of materials she’s recycled, hand-dying, cutting and stitching cards, hangings and other fabulous things.

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