Stitching on Social | March

26th March 2021

Are you ready for another line up of amazing textile artists to admire and follow in your social media feed? Here are our favourite recommendations this month:

Various pieces by Emily Botelho (source)

Emily Botelho is a textile artist from Manchester, whose nature inspired hoop art is truly magnificent. Imagine your wall covered in these exquisite works of art! Check out more of Emily’s work HERE.

A woven panel by Ana Diab (source)

Ana Diab weaves amazing panels in a dizzying array of sizes, patterns and textures, with gentle experimentation being her forte. You can view Ana’s work HERE.

One of Laura’s adorable creatures (source)

Laura produces adorable textile creatures and cushions from soft cotton velvet, corduroy and wool felt which are specifically made to be held. More of her adorable creatures can be seen HERE.

Punch needle designs by Brandi (source)

The first thing to strike us about Brandi’s work was the subtle, pastel colours. She uses a wide variety of techniques to produce a gloriously coherent body of work, more of which can be seen HERE.

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