Stitching on Social | February

25th February 2022

According to the statistics on our screen use here at the Inspirations newsletter office, we probably spent more time looking for stitching inspiration online in February than we ought to have. But there are just so many incredible artists out there, sometimes it makes it really difficult to put our screens down!

Just because we blew our screen time budget doesn’t mean you have to.

Below are some of the fabulous social media accounts we’ve found to share with you but be warned… you too may find yourself exceeding your screentime budget, so proceed with caution!

@amydaviescreate: Just look at the stunning beaded creations that Amy Davies from Manchester, UK produces. They’ll take your breath away.

@birchwoodfineart: Amber & Debbie Johnson are exquisitely talented artists. Their needle felted creations are just the start.

@magtuite: We just weren’t sure what to highlight from Maggie Tuite’s collection. Her collages, dolls and unique textiles are all fantastic, filled with colour and creativity.

@annierayart: Annie Raymond uses myriad colours of felt to create her collage pictures, with a particular focus on insects and nature. 

We’re just scratching the surface of talent out there. If you ever come across an artist you’d like us to include in this segment, write in and tell us! And next month, we’ll try hard to get that screen time counter down a little…

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