Stitching on Social | August

26th August 2022

We’re pleased to announce that our screen time was down this last month! However, that may be because we’ve spent less time crushing candies. It certainly isn’t because we’ve spent less time looking at beautiful needlework from around the world! Here are a few of the artists we’ve been captivated by in August who have grabbed our attention more than colourful candies!

@jolly_hoops: Sila Gur creates fashion-inspired threadpainted masterpieces that are filled with atmosphere.

@copaceticcrocheter: If you’re looking for calorie-free sweet treats, then you’ll love the work of Normalynn Ablao. These crocheted pieces definitely look good enough to eat.

@emilyvanhoff: Emily uses bright fabrics in bold colours and shapes as the medium for her quilted art.

@mimi.o_o.r: This talented Japanese artist creates magical, fairy-tale-like embroidered scenes and jewellery.

We all know that spending less time on our devices is a good thing, so our suggestion is we discard those things that aren’t inspiring and beautiful and make more time for those things that are.

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