Stitching on Social | April

29th April 2022

Despite social media having been in our lives now for well over a decade, there is no end to the new artists who are appearing and displaying their work on various platforms. We are so lucky in 2022 that we have all these wonderful artists at our fingertips so that we can admire their work and get inspired by their stories. 

Here is our selection of artists to follow from April, although cutting the list down to four was particularly difficult!

@thatcurlyembroider: Preeti is an embroidery artist from India who makes bright, hand-stitched keychains and gorgeous wedding gifts.

@needlestitches: Rita, an embroidery artist from Portugal, creates embroidered portraits using a dizzying array of colours to exquisite effect.

@nataliezoestudio: Natalie Zoe turns blackwork on its head, producing stunning reverse blackwork pieces. She also has a beautiful collection of other works in a breathtaking number of techniques.

@sj.hull: Sarah uses traditional embroidery techniques in her minimalist designs, including a fascinating take on bobbin lace.

If you ever come across an artist or embroiderer you’d like us to include in this segment, write in and tell us! In the meantime you can also follow Inspirations on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest where you’ll discover fantastic needlework every day from all over the web.

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