Stitching on Leaves

19th February 2021

For anyone who has embroidered on organza, netting or other delicate fabric, you’ll know how challenging it is. However, if you want to understand true patience and dedication, then just take a look at these exquisite works, stitched onto dried leaves, by artist Hillary Waters Fayle.

Hillary is passionate about connecting her work to nature and uses these incredible pieces to explore that connection. Her work:

‘…implies that our relationship to nature is both tenuously fragile and infinitely complex.’

Although not the first artist to use natural materials as their medium, there is something breathtaking about Hillary’s work. Just knowing that the whole thing could be destroyed by pushing the needle too roughly or dragging the thread without care makes each one of these leaves a true work of art.

You can read more about Hillary in an article about her by Oddity Central  HERE and view more of her work on Instagram @hillary.waters

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