Stitched to Use

1st June 2018

There’s something about seeing the work of your hands come to life.

Whether it be in the kitchen, the garden or the sewing room, there’s something about seeing the fruit of your labour, the end result that becomes a tangible expression of the time and talent you’ve poured into a project.

Sometimes the fruit of our labour is fleeting, as is the case in our kitchens when the results of our efforts are often consumed in less time than it took to produce them!

The fruit of our needles and threads, however, is likely to endure far longer than the hours we poured into them.

If you’re a prolific stitcher, the amount of ‘fruit’ you’ve accumulated over your stitching journey may well now exceed the size of the ‘bowl’ you have to store it in!

Now what? It’s time to think outside the frame.

Enjoying the fruit of our stitching by hanging it on our walls is one way, but what about finding practical ways to finish our pieces so we’re able to see the work of our hands brought to life as it makes the everyday items around us more beautiful?

We think that’s exactly what our lives are calling out for and this issue of All Stitched Up! helps point us in the direction of practical ways to use our stitching that will allow us the pleasure of seeing the works of hands regularly as we go about each of our days.

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