Stitched Portrait of Your Pet

21st October 2022

Do you remember back in the day when pets used to live outside, roam the neighbourhoods at large, ate pet food and were, well… just regular pets?

Then a curious revolution took place, a silent take over, a shift in power if you will.

Today, pets have managed to elevate their status to a position almost on par with royalty. And it happened seemingly overnight! They now live inside our houses, they share our couches, watch our TV shows and sleep in our beds.

Some pets have become famous, with their own social media accounts and YouTube channels, and there is a booming industry in pet services such as pet day care centres, pet grooming and spas, pet sitting services. Let alone all the health and wellbeing treatments and the never-ending medical expenses we incur!

What does all this mean?

It means we may as well embrace the culture of pet adoration by immortalising our furry friends with their own stitched portrait!

That way, forever and a day, we can enjoy the memories of these fluffy creatures that somehow came in, stole our hearts, food and money, and now live as one of us.

Pet Portrait Embroidery by Michelle Staub is a step-by-step instructional book with 20 sample patterns to customise, so you can easily recreate any breed of cat or dog.

How much do we love our pets? How long is a skein of thread? That long!

Have some fun and enjoy stitching a portrait of your fur baby with stitched portraits of your pet.

Pet Portrait Embroidery

Michelle Staub
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