Stitch It Forward

6th July 2018

Ryan's Case for Smiles

Through the simple gift of a pillowcase, Ryan’s Case for Smiles is a volunteer organization solely dedicated to helping kids feel better to heal better. A hospital experience can be terrifying and traumatic for both a child and their family. While others strive to find a cure, Ryan’s Case for Smiles helps with the stress and emotional impact of illness in the here and now. Their whimsical pillowcases give children an emotional boost and remind them that they are not defined by their illness.

Founded in 2007, Ryan’s Case for Smiles has already delivered 1.7 million pillowcases, but with a goal to help each and every child diagnosed with cancer or a life-changing illness to feel better through the gift a pillowcase, they can’t get enough bright, cheery pillowcases!

Want to Stitch It Forward and help them toward their goal? Watch their video to learn all about their work and how you can get involved HERE.

With every stitch, every yard of fabric and every pillowcase they get one step closer to their goal of helping kids with cancer and life-changing illnesses feel better to heal better.

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