5th June 2020

In last week’s All Stitched Up! we spoke of gathering. Gathering people to our love of needle and thread, not only for their benefit but also to ensure our passion for all things stitched is stewarded into the future.

That got us thinking about our own stewardship. Do we steward our love of needle and thread well?

Stewardship can be defined as ‘the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.’

For some, it was as though they were born with needle in hand as seemingly everything they put their needles and threads to turns to gold. For others, their stitching journey has been, shall we say, a little more nurture over nature!

Either way, the enjoyment we now experience with needle and thread is frequently seen as a gift by those around us. Whilst it is a gift we’re usually incredibly grateful for, there are times it’s easily taken for granted and it’s at that point its stewardship can be neglected.

To steward something is simply to care for it well.

But how do we care for our love of needle and thread? 

We begin by reminding ourselves that it truly is a gift to be able to lose ourselves in the push and pull of needle and thread through fabric and from there will flow a natural stewardship.

A stewardship of time, talent and resources that will see our love of needle and thread not only continue, but also grow and duplicate as we plant the seed of our passion in those around us.

As we contemplate our own stewardship of needle and thread, we would love to hear how you are stewarding its gift. Simply email and let us know how you care for your passion for all things stitched.

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