Stepping Back in Time

15th March 2019

We’ve probably all looked at those magnificent dresses from movies such as Dangerous Liaisons or Amadeus and wondered what it would be like to actually wear one. Well, Lauren Rossi did more than just dream. She combined her background in costume design with a love of fabric, colour and embroidery to make her own historical wardrobe.

Once of Lauren Rossi’s creations (source)

Modelling her creations herself, Lauren soon discovered the benefits and drawbacks of corsets, panniers and oodles of skirts.

I find my actions to be more controlled and feminine, my posture to be better and overall it slows my pace so I can appreciate what I see around me.

Each creation is accompanied by historically accurate underclothes and exquisite embellishment (source)

Not especially practical for kicking the football with the kids, but who wouldn’t want to be a princess for a day or two?

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