Start Starting

25th June 2021

Sony has recently released a captivating video to advertise their Digital Imaging products. Simply entitled ‘Starting Never Ends’, it is an image rich journey through what’s possible when using Sony products to capture moments photographically.

The video encourages us to look at the world around us differently. It inspires us with the thought that each new day offers us the opportunity to look at familiar sights as if for the very first time.

Although each of the participants were capturing what they saw through the lens of a camera, it was the way in which they were seeing the world around them that got us thinking.

There are endless ways of seeing what has always been here.

Stemming from the idea that if we’re able to see ourselves as born again each night under the infinite sky of stars above, the wonders of the world around us will always appear new each morning. Then, if we take the time to notice the details, there will always be an adventure awaiting.

Amongst other things, the video spoke of new forms, new textures and new stories just waiting to be shaped. And isn’t that just what we do with our needles and threads?!

We stitch form, texture and story into everything we create. When we’re able to see this afresh each and every day, the wonder of what’s possible with needle and thread will never be lost on us.

The video closed with the acclamation that, ‘this is your chance to set hearts racing’ and that whether we’re a beginner or master, it’s never too late to start something new.

Our hope is that we’ll all be challenged afresh to not only see the world around us, but also the stitching before us with a renewed sense of wonder and that we too will get out there and start starting. Whether it be picking up needle and thread for the very first time, learning a new stitch or technique or taking on a project we don’t yet think is possible, we have to remember that starting never ends and that today is the perfect day to start starting.

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