Small Win

30th September 2022

We were recently inspired by an email from The Tonic where they encouraged us to look for small wins on our way to bigger victories.

The theory they shared relied on creating a ‘Success Cycle’ whereby the results we experience from small wins leave us feeling good, which in turn leads to more action and more results.

A subsequent email from James Clear took the idea of small wins in a slightly different direction.

‘Be great in small ways.’

James looked at the ways in which comparison can become a thief of progress. He gave examples such as seeing the worth in writing but 100 words a day when we see bestsellers being published or understanding the value in exercising for just 10 minutes when world records are being posted on Instagram.

For us, it’s seeing the importance of laying all but a few stitches in our time with needle and thread when our feeds from social media seem to display nothing but completed projects.

But, as James Clear stated in his email, ‘winning the next 10 minutes is its own form of greatness’.

He reminded us that all too often we’re so busy wishing for more time and better resources, that we fail to make the most of what we have. The truth is though, if we can be great – even if it’s just in small ways, we’ll be surprised by what we’re able to achieve.

The question we need to ask ourselves therefore is, ‘What are we going to do with the next 10 minutes?’.

Here’s to small ways and small wins on our way to big victories.

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