Simple is Best

19th April 2019

It is easy to get caught up in the belief that skill can only be seen in complexity and someone is only good if they’ve got qualifications, sheets of paper and letters after their name. But sometimes, simple is best and skill is inherent. As with the artist known as Hextrovert.

Start Anywhere, by Hextrovert (source)

An artist, photographer and stitcher, Hextrovert is based in Dublin. When you look through her portfolio, both on her website and on Instagram, you can see that she is predominantly a photographer, but her ability to drill down in her work to the simplest of elements comes out in all of her art, in particular her embroidery.

Cupán tae by Hextrovert (source)

Hextrovert is refreshingly and proudly self-trained, showing that anyone with passion and talent can truly be an artist.

So next time you doubt your ability or second guess if you’ve got what it takes to be a stitcher, just muster enough courage to take the first step, in no time you’ll feel the rhythm of the stitch kick in, and then you’re away.

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