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12th November 2021

However, it is true to say that once you’ve tried stitching with silk, you’ll want to do more of it. So, to help get you started, we’ve put together a sample pack of exquisite Gumnut Stars silks.

The sample pack includes 10 x pre-cut 4 metre (13 feet) hanks of silk in a beautiful colour range selected especially to be both complementary and versatile.

These silks can be used for counted needlework, silk shading, surface embroidery or any other type of textile art you wish to try. The pack includes a selection of greens, pinks and golds that bring to mind flowers, gardens and the glory of spring.

The colours included are:

606 Rainforest
857 Med Salmon Pink
607 Med Rainforest
859 Dk Salmon Pink
608 Dk Rainforest
947 Med Hazelnut
677 Med Olive
991 Ecru
746 Med Daffodil

The sample pack is the perfect way to try out these beautiful threads and with the sheen, the colour and the texture that Gumnut Stars offers, we’d be very surprised if you didn’t fall in love. Just make sure you send us pictures of all of the wonderful projects you work with them.

Gumnut Yarns Sample Pack – Stars Stranded Silk

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