9th August 2019

Upon receiving the latest issue of the ‘Needlepoint Now’ magazine from the US, we read with interest ‘Elizabeth’s Musings’ where she unpacked her love of being able to shop for all things needle and thread in a fully stocked, local shop.

She spoke beautifully of the experience – you know the one where you not only get to see what’s on offer and make the just-right colour match, but also get to experience the feel of the different types of thread in your hand to see which one you’d like to work with?!

Well… she then went on to share a frustration that many of us have experienced ourselves – with local brick and mortar stores becoming a rarity rather than the norm, we’re shopping online which makes colour matching difficult at best and the tactile experience of holding fabric and thread all but impossible.

Her words were a welcome reminder to savour the times we find ourselves surrounded by supplies that speak to our passion. Whether that be with a quick trip to our local supplier or on an adventure further afield to not only purchase, but also experience the tactile luxury that our love of needle and thread affords us. As unfortunately for some of us, these experiences are becoming as rare as the brick and mortar stores themselves!

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