6th September 2019

As we were putting together this issue of All Stitched Up! the idea of stitching seeds and harvests came to mind. An obscure analogy perhaps but stick with us!

As we shared how some of the Inspirations Community took to the streets with needle and thread on World Embroidery Day, we realized that the idea of the day is to plant a seed of interest in those who may not be as familiar with the push and pull of needle and thread through fabric as we are.

Then, as we went on to share the projects in What Are You Stitching?, we realized they are the harvest - the fruit of a seed that was once planted in each stitcher’s life!

It’s rare that a farmer would plant a seed without expecting to reap a harvest from their efforts, but whilst some seeds bear fruit in a relatively short period, some require the benefit of time and patience before a harvest is enjoyed. While planting to harvest usually follows a linear path, what about those times when something springs forth from the ground that no one can account for? You know, that random tomato plant that you occasionally find amongst your roses?!

And so it is with stitching ‘seeds’ – sometimes we introduce someone to our passion and they take hold of it instantly, whilst at other times we hear of someone who picks up needle and thread after being introduced to it many years ago. Sometimes the stitcher can pinpoint the exact seed of interest that was planted, whilst at other times there are fragments of seed, water and fertilizer that have been offered over time and suddenly they find themselves with a passion for needle and thread they can’t account for – much like the tomato amongst the roses!

Whatever the timeframe or path each stitcher takes to their harvest season, the common thread is that a seed was planted. So why not find someone you can plant the seed of stitching with today?! You never know the harvest they’ll one day reap…

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