• Winter’s Song

    Sweet threadpainted robin.
  • From My Garden

    Delightful thread painted sweet peas.  
  • Portraits of Fruit

    Two amazing botanical studies.
  • Symphony

    A delightful coordinating trio, these cushions are stitched in muted shades of lavender, violet and mulberry with a combination of silk, wool and cotton threads.

  • Charleston

    The elegance of a by-gone era depicted in a pair of stylish art deco inspired portraits.
  • Magnolia

    The gentle blush and graceful tulip shape of 'Magnolia x soulangeana' is perfectly captured in this beautiful thread painting.
  • Inspirations Issue 109

    Celebrate the natural world in stitch.  
  • Inspirations Issue 105

    Elegant and timeless projects that are simply irresistible.
  • Have Your Say

  • Inspirations Issue 96

    We’ve packed this issue with treats for the festive season and beyond that will be fun to stitch, a pleasure to give and a joy to receive.
  • Inspirations Issue 88

    What are you stitching for Christmas? There's nothing a needleworker loves more than to create special gifts for loved ones or, if they've been especially good, themselves!
  • Inspirations Issue 108

    Wonderful projects ideal for decorating your home and creating perfect gifts for those you treasure.  
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