• A-Z of Wool Embroidery

    Part of the bestselling A-Z series, this title explores the handiest stitches and techniques for use in the practice of wool embroidery.
  • A-Z of Embroidery Stitches 2

    The ultimate reference guides for needleworkers with amazing projects, detailed step-by step instructions and stunning photographs. Combined with the original A-Z of Embroidery Stitches, this book completes a comprehensive dictionary of embroidery…
  • A-Z of Goldwork

    A-Z of Goldwork with Silk Embroidery is full of practical expertise on how to create beautiful goldwork embroideries, enhanced with silk embroidery, while conveying the history and tradition of goldwork down the years.…
  • A-Z of Crewel Embroidery

    The A-Z of Crewel Embroidery is designed to encourage you to try new techniques, explore new horizons, and above all, to experiment. Whatever your status as an embroiderer, we hope this book…
  • A-Z of Sewing for Smockers

    Presented in an easy to use style, this book is overflowing with hundreds of step-by-step photographs and invaluable hints for creating beautiful heirloom garments from blouses to bridesmaids' dresses.
  • A-Z of Embroidered Flowers

    A delightful guide to recreating an alphabet of blooms, from Alyssum to Zinnia, through the intricate medium of embroidery.
  • A-Z of Crochet

    Everything you need to know about crochet in one exhaustive guide containing every stitch you will ever need, simple instructions and easy to follow photographs. Great for beginners or experienced…
  • A-Z of Whitework

    The ultimate resource for beginning and experienced needlecrafters who want to discover the timeless appeal of whitework in its many forms. Whitework is white-on-white embroidery where the texture of the…
  • A-Z of Quilting

    A comprehensive guide to many of the techniques, tools and tricks involved in creating beautiful quilting projects for any occasion.
  • A-Z of Smocking

    This book features every smocking stitch, clearly explained for beginners, but also has inspiring examples and new or little-known techniques to appeal to experienced smockers. It shows how to work…
  • A-Z of Embroidery Stitches

    This comprehensive guide to embroidery stitches contains all the embroiderer needs to know to work dozens of stitches, and includes full advice on everything from choosing materials, beginning and ending a thread…
  • A-Z of Stumpwork

    With its beginnings in seventeenth century England, stumpwork is today making a revival. Come join us for an exciting journey into the world of raised embroidery.  
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