Sculptural Embroidery

3rd December 2021

There are many different ways of creating three-dimensional embroidery, but Meredith Woolnough has mastered a technique using water soluble fabric. The result is a series of stunning, ethereal artworks that seem to defy gravity.

The stitching is achieved using free motion sewing on her machine. She sews her designs on a water-soluble base, using a brilliant range of coloured threads. When complete, well, that’s when the magic happens. By dipping the finished piece in water, the base dissolves away leaving just the stitching behind. She then mounts her pieces with pins in a manner redolent of Victorian butterfly collectors.

Meredith calls her technique ‘sculptural embroidery’ and offers online courses so you too can try it out. The results she achieves are amazing using this innovative method.

If you’d like to see more of Meredith’s work, you can watch a video HERE, follow her on Instagram @meredithwoolnough or check out her website HERE.

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