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18th February 2022

After determining to get ‘Back to It’ in All Stitched Up! issue #316, working our way through our sense of being overwhelmed in ASU #317, we have ‘Day Stacked’ ourselves into this issue, ASU #318!

After recalling the idea of Day Stacking just a week ago, we decided that our small, daily step to get through the folder of emails we’d accumulated was to begin with a single author. We started with Hiut Denim Co.

Each week Hiut Denim Co presents a ‘Scrapbook Chronicle’ where they share what has inspired them over the last week. This week we’ve created a scrapbook of our own as we share how they inspired us.

Julie Beeler grew up in Oregon and developed a deep love and curiosity for the natural world, finding herself drawn to mushrooms in particular. After many years of experimentation, Julie has created an index of beautiful and subtle colours derived from mushrooms. If you’re looking for a resource to inform your time with needle and thread with the most natural of colour stories, Julie’s Mushroom Colour Atlas is indispensable.

After noticing the thread of kindness in comments they’d received from their readers, Cup of Jo thought they should share as many as possible. They started with a heartwarming collection of 12 stories of kindness from all around the world.

Creative Bloom have become one of the United Kingdom’s leading platforms dedicated to delivering news, inspiration, insight and advice to creative industries the world over. After being intrigued by their article on ‘The 10 Pieces of Photo and Video Kit that Changed the Game’, we found ourselves wondering if it’s possible to create a similar list for our time with needle and thread. Is there a tool in your needlework toolkit that’s changed your stitching ‘game’? We’d love you to email as we look to compile our very own list – ‘The Pieces of Needle and Thread Kit that Changed the Game’.

Whilst we’re yet to read it ourselves, Hiut Denim Co pointed us in the direction of ‘Rituals for Every Day’. Think giving thanks before you eat rather than eating on the run, reading an inspirational book instead of scrolling through social media or writing in a gratitude journal as an alternative to switching on the TV. These small, simple suggestions encouraged us to add Rituals for Every Day to our Reading List for the year ahead and we think it might just be the antidote we need to help press the pause button on the sometimes-hectic pace of modern life!

Until our next installment of inspiration from Hiut Denim Co’s Scrapbook Chronicles…

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