20th January 2023

In the last issue of All Stitched Up! for 2022, we found ourselves writing about ‘suddenlys’ as we suddenly found ourselves at the end of another year.

As we contemplate what has been and whether we’ve achieved and experienced all we’d hoped throughout the last year, we realised how the promise of a New Year unfolding before us can tempt us with another suddenly.

All too often we set our goals and sprint toward a New Year believing we’ll suddenly eat healthy, exercise more and get organised, all whilst setting aside more time to stitch. But this year Hannah Brencher challenged us to pause before getting caught up in the suddenly of 2023.

‘Carve out a space of just 15 minutes. That's all. Set a timer, and in those 15 minutes, I want you to go back and reflect on 2022.’

Hannah encouraged us to consider not just the big things that happened, but also the work we did, the small projects we completed, the ordinary miracles we encountered and the countless good things we experienced. She also suggested we ponder the things that didn’t go our way and any of the hurts we may have experienced throughout the year.

Why? Because it’s the big and the small, the beautiful and not so beautiful things that make us who we are, and that’s who we’re taking with us into the New Year.

Instead of moving as fast as we can into another New Year that will be over as suddenly as it began, pausing and savouring what’s come before us will be a timely reminder for 2023 to be present in, and grateful for, each moment the New Year brings, ensuring we relish the small as that is what will sustain us before the next big suddenly is upon us.

Here’s to savouring everything that’s about to unfold before us…

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