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10th May 2024

As stitchers, we’re very fortunate to have some wonderful organisations within in our needlework community with perhaps none more prestigious or steeped in history than the Royal School of Needlework.

The RSN wears many hats across its different areas of influence, one such hat is to safely house a huge collection of original embroidery pieces, many of which have historical significance.

Often, collections like these are stored for posterity away from public view, however the RSN has done a wonderful job of embracing technology and, for the first time ever, unlocked these hidden treasures for us all to enjoy in an online gallery.

Ecclesiastical Embroideries, Early 20th Century

The first 100 items are now available to view on the RSN Collection & Archive website HERE.

What impressed us most about this new gallery was the quality of the images and the detail of needlework they have captured for each piece.

Once you find an item of interest, click the full-screen icon and zoom in on the embroidery, then keep zooming! The detail and clarity of the images are akin to viewing each piece through a magnifying glass.

Picture, Circa 1650-1675

This truly is an inspiring collection of embroidery, made even more enjoyable by the excellent user interface and quality of the imagery.

On behalf of the needlework community, we would like to thank everyone at the RSN for preserving our collective heritage in such an accessible way. We look forward to visiting the site regularly as more and more pieces are added.

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