26th October 2018


Some of us thrive on it while others of us find it suffocating.

Now that we’re back in the office after Beating Around the Bush, the Inspirations Team are reacquainting ourselves with our normal routine which, for the most part, is dictated by the publishing schedule of our magazines and books and the associated work for each of them.

Some of us are relishing the familiarity of picking up where we left off, while others are missing being out of the office. For some, it’s a little of each!

One of the fascinating things we learnt while we were at Beating Around the Bush were the routines people have for their stitching.

To ensure everyone kept pace with their workshop’s stitching requirements, some people’s routine was to arrive at class early each day and then stitch through many of their designated breaks, while others squeezed in their assigned stitching after the evening’s scheduled social activity.

We heard of one lady who, when at home, deliberately sets aside time to stitch at the beginning of each day to ensure daily life doesn’t get in the way of her passion for needle and thread. While others stitch with any available time they can find at the end of whatever their day has thrown at them, some with a glass of wine in hand!

It made us wonder about your stitching routines and we’d love you to share them with us. Email your routine, no matter how carefully constructed or haphazard to We look forward to hearing from you.

Until then, enjoy this week’s newsletter as we officially launch Inspirations #100…

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