Rose to Rose | Elisabetta Sforza

19th August 2022

Elisabetta Sforza’s books, featuring beautiful, embroidered alphabets, have been popular with our community from the very first moment we stocked them. Her latest book, Rose to Rose, adds to her collection of publications, but this book goes one step further. It offers more than just an exquisite alphabet; it also offers a range of other floral projects that Elisabetta has recreated from the sublime watercolours of artist Patrizia Silingardi.

Each project is a perfect translation of one of Patrizia’s designs, to which Elisabetta has added her unique and characteristic touch. She then uses the floral designs to form the alphabet, allowing you to combine letters with the main designs or choose to stitch one or the other separately.

This book is a must for lovers of Elisabetta’s work or anyone who appreciates fine surface embroidery. Ensure your collection of Elisabetta’s books is complete by purchasing Rose to Rose today.

Rose to Rose

Elisabetta Sforza
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