6th May 2022

It probably comes as no surprise that we love magazines here at Inspirations HQ.

The thing is, it’s not just Inspirations.

There are more than just a few other titles that capture our attention each time they’re released. Sometimes it’s the content, sometimes it’s the images and sometimes it’s a little of each. Country Style Magazine is one such title. And it just so happens to be a little of each.

As the current issue passed over our desks, we found ourselves taking in everything the cover captured – a gorgeous image of a food-laden, perfectly set table draped with envy worthy linen, under a canopy of festoon lights and flowering wisteria, all with a bunny perched effortlessly atop a wicker stool! We then read the taglines that hinted at the articles within.

Next, we glanced over the opening advertisements, read each word of the Editor’s Letter and perused the contents page with interest. When we found ourselves several articles in though, we stopped and thought.  

Do we keep reading cover to cover? Do we skip to Country Style’s equivalent of ‘Loose Threads’, which is found on the closing pages of Inspirations magazine, promising ourselves we’ll then put the magazine down for the day? Do we stop reading altogether so we have something to come back to?

As tempted as we were to continue reading, we relished the thought of coming back to discover more, so we put the magazine aside for another day.

It turns out, that’s our magazine ritual.

As excited as we are when a new issue arrives, we like to enjoy a little today, a little tomorrow and hopefully save just a little more for the days that follow. 

Do you have a ritual each time an issue of Inspirations arrives?

Maybe you set aside the time to read it cover to cover or perhaps like us, you savour just a little of what’s within the day it arrives, diligently saving the rest for another time and place.

Whatever it is you do to celebrate the arrival of each issue of Inspirations, we’d love you to share it with us by emailing news@inspirationsstudios.com

Who knows, maybe your ritual will help to redefine ours going forward?!

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