Restoring Vintage Linen

12th February 2021

While some people used their time in lockdown to learn a language or bake the perfect sourdough, 82-year old Helga Fitzroy from Stanford in South Africa turned her exceptional eyes to other things.

Some of Helga’s work (source)

When asked by a local antique dealer if she would have a go at restoring a fine vintage lace tablecloth, Helga readily agreed. 

Painstakingly reworking each broken branch in fine white cotton, with each stitch no bigger than the size of a pinhead, Helga soon brought this exquisite piece back to its former glory.

Helga at work (source)

There wouldn’t be many of us brave enough to take on such a project, but this amazing woman, whose life has been filled with gaining a huge variety of skills and knowledge, stands as encouragement and inspiration to us all. 

If you would like to read more about Helga and her fabulous achievement, you can view the full article HERE.

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