Rest & Restoration

7th April 2023

This issue of All Stitched Up! coincides with Good Friday.

In Australia, today is the first of two public holidays that are observed in honour of Easter. On both Good Friday and Easter Monday, most businesses and institutions are closed meaning many of us have a four-day weekend before us.

For some, the weekend will be marked with sacred observances that will take place across the weekend as we honour this significant event on the Christian calendar. 

For others, it has become a tradition to travel with family and/or friends, as in the Southern Hemisphere the weekend often marks a shift of season as we find Summer falling away as Autumn begins to remind us of the Winter that will soon unfold. 

Whilst others use the time to embark on projects that require more time than traditional two-day weekends afford. 

Perhaps, for some, the projects involve copious amounts of time spent with needle and thread!

Expanses of time such as Easter often bring with them the opportunity to pause and reflect on what’s important, offering an occasion to be more deliberate with how we use the time before us. As a result, we often find ourselves feeling rested and restored as we return to ‘normal’ life afterwards.

So, whether your attention has been captured by faith, the change of season, travel, or a specific project you’re hoping to complete, we hope this Easter brings with it the opportunity to involve yourself in something you’re passionate about and that the rest and restoration this affords brings with it a new momentum that you’ll carry into your day to day.

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