2nd April 2021

As this issue of All Stitched Up! is being sent to readers the world over, some of us are enjoying a holiday in honour of Good Friday.

For those of the Christian faith, whilst Good Friday is the most sombre day on our calendar, it is also the gateway to which new life is celebrated on Easter Sunday. Even outside of a faith perspective, Easter has become ubiquitous with renewal and new life as the signs of spring growth start to emerge in the Northern Hemisphere. 

And much like snow has become a universal symbol of Christmas despite the hemisphere in which you reside, signs of new life including budding flowers and frolicking lambs can be seen at Easter the world over.

It is a time of hope and new beginnings.

There are, however, times when the hustle and bustle of daily life makes it all too easy to lose our sense of hope as we find ourselves focusing on what is, rather than on what could be. We forget the possibilities of new beginnings and sometimes it takes the ‘pause’ of an occasion such as Easter to remind us that if we take a moment to lift our eyes from what we see around us, the promise of a new beginning once again comes into focus, bringing with it a renewed sense of hope.

Even in our stitching, there are times we need to lift our eyes from what we’re working on and remind ourselves of what brought us to, and now keeps us with, needle and thread. As our enthusiasm is once again grounded, our hope renews, and we find ourselves able to dream into all the possibilities the world of stitching can afford us.  

Be it with your stitching or otherwise, what ‘new life’ awaits you? We hope this Easter provides the pause that will allow you to focus on what can be and not just what is, bringing with it a renewed sense of hope and anticipation.

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