Reimagined Rugs

9th October 2020

There are some works of art which will be guaranteed to make you look twice. This was precisely what we did when we saw the latest piece by Faig Ahmed, a textile artist based in Baku, Azerbaijan. 

‘Doubts’ by Faig Ahmed (source)

Entitled ‘Doubts’, this amazing carpet was created to express the uncertainty which has arisen out of the global pandemic of 2020. It starts clearly, then appears to melt into something unpredictable and uncontrolled.

Further works by Faig Ahmed (source)

Throughout Ahmed’s artistic career, he has melded the tradition of carpet making with the innovative and avant-garde, producing a fascinating body of work which defies expectation.

To see more of Faig Ahmed’s work, there are plenty of images at My Modern Met, or you can find out more about him at his website.

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