19th November 2021

Over recent weeks, many of the team at Inspirations HQ have taken the opportunity to spend some time away from the office. Whilst South Australia’s borders are yet to open, each of us took the opportunity to be tourists within our own home state. 

Firstly, our Office and Design Assistant made a trip to Port Augusta to visit family. Our General Manager travelled to the coastal town of Robe with a close friend. A farm stay with family in the wine region of Clare was in order for our Subscription and Kits Manager. Then lastly, our CEO and COO just returned from a couple of nights in the small hill’s township of Lenswood that sits just outside of Adelaide.

Whilst the itineraries of each getaway varied depending on the location, reason for travel and personal preferences of the travellers themselves, there was a consistent effect from each trip taken – the team member returned to Inspirations HQ refreshed.

There’s something about stepping away from the everyday that restores and reinvigorates.

Whilst the Inspirations Team stepped away from work and the routine of life at home, we also realised there are occasions our time with needle and thread would benefit from us stepping away as well.

As many of us consider our time spent stitching as refreshing, that last statement may sound controversial, but stick with us…

Have you ever found yourself with needle in hand only to find you’re not looking forward to the stitching that lies before you? Or is that just us?!

We’ve discovered that stepping away from the ‘everyday’ of needle and thread can be as simple as switching to another project, trying a different technique or sometimes a respite from stitching altogether.

And do you know what? Sometimes a change really is as good as a holiday as we find our stepping away from the stitching before us allows us to return to our time with needle and thread refreshed, restored and reinvigorated.

What about you? Do you ever find yourself confronted with a feeling of being overwhelmed when embarking on the stitching before you? If so, we’d love to hear what you do to step away from needle and thread to ensure you return refreshed. Email, we’d genuinely love to hear from you.

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