Rechargeable Magnifying Lamp

27th May 2022

Every stitcher needs good light to work in. Even if you have the sharpest eyes in the world, to successfully work fine stitches, having good, white light is essential. Many of us have our stitching nook set up at home with our daylight bulbs and large windows nearby, but what about when we’re travelling?

The Triumph Rechargeable LED Magnifying Lamp is one answer. This lamp is compact, incredibly light and produces a strong, even, white light that is ideal for stitching. The magnifier allows for a massive 3 x magnification and it all sits on a flexible gooseneck so it can be adjusted to suit everyone and every location. 

Best of all, this magnifying lamp charges from a universal USB cable, which means it can be used anywhere in the world without having to worry about conversion plugs.

You will enjoy a full sized, 70mm (2.75”) diameter lamp area that provides ample light yet doesn’t distract your neighbouring stitchers. The light is also dimmable and will shine for 3.5 hours in between charges.

If you’ve been searching for the right light to take with you to your guild or stitch group, look no further. The Triumph Rechargeable LED Magnifying Lamp will tuck neatly in your stitching bag so you’ll always have the lighting you need for a satisfying stitching session.

LED Rechargeable Desktop Magnifying Lamp – White

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