Quilts of Valour

11th March 2022

When Helen Comport’s son was injured in the line of duty in Afghanistan in 2010, he was taken to hospital in Germany. Helen, back in Australia, was unable to get to him and agonised over her inability to provide comfort. 

However, a group of American mothers and quilters had set up an organisation to make patchwork quilts for veterans, and one of those quilts was given to Helen’s son.

So touched was she by the gesture, and so comforted by the quilt was her son, that Helen decided to set up a similar organisation in Australia. Quilts of Valour Australia was born, and since then it has carefully made and presented over 3000 quilts to veterans and their families as a way to thank them for their service or acknowledge their losses.

Helen Comport (source)

Thankfully, Helen’s son recovered and has had many joys in his life since 2010, but Helen continues this important work. She sees it as a way she can help others in the same way a kind and thoughtful group helped her and her son in their time of greatest need.

World War II Veterans Fred and Noel Receiving their Quilts of Valour (source)

If you would like to find out more about Quilts of Valour, including how you can help, you can visit their website HERE. There are also similar organisations in the USA and Canada

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