Quilting with Wood & Tin

22nd June 2018

To most of us, a quilt is a nice soft warm covering to snuggle into at night.

There are some quilts however that are most certainly not suitable for cuddling – think quilts made from wood or tin!

What they lack in their use of soft materials, they make up for in spades with wow factor and cleverness by taking the same principles used in creating fabric quilts but applying them to hard materials.

Images courtesy Kim Fox | Worker Bird

Kim Fox is one such designer whose work resembles that of a classic patchwork American quilt, yet it is made of carefully cut tin shapes nailed onto rustic timber. You can check out her work on her website Worker Bird HERE.

Nesting by Laura Petrovich Cheney | 40″ x 40″ Salvaged Wood

Laura Petrovich-Cheney is another designer, also in America, this time using salvaged wood to reimagine the classic quilt. You can see more of her work and a list of her upcoming exhibits HERE.

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