Quiet Time

8th December 2023

As we looked at our To Do Lists and tallied the mounting number of ‘To Dos’, not only at Inspirations HQ but also personally as the festive season fast approaches and the end of the year beckons, we couldn’t help but feel a little overwhelmed. However, a quote from Dr Caroline Leaf crossed our desks with a timely reminder.

Stop stressing to finish the year off strong. You can finish it off grateful, relaxed, slowly, peacefully. The idea that we always need to be doing and achieving only creates cycles of anxiety. Rushing will not solve your problems. Rest will.’ 

Whilst we would usually take to needle and thread upon hearing such words, we decided to take a moment to catch up on some emails we’d missed reading as they came through and we’re so incredibly glad we did.

As we read Janine’s email from Uppercase Magazine, it opened with an exasperated ‘it’s too much’, a feeling we could absolutely relate to at that moment! As Janine then went on to echo Dr Caroline Leaf’s sentiments, we knew we had to keep reading. 

‘Quiet, contemplative time. Being grateful for what we already have in our lives. That's the message that I need right now. I imagine that you feel the same way.’

Janine then went on to express the why behind her what of creating a weekly email newsletter and we found her words echoed our exact sentiments about All Stitched Up! – a serendipitous email indeed!

‘I respect and appreciate your time and attention.’

‘These messages are about building a relationship, first and foremost.’

‘I hope what I share is helpful to you, whether that’s seeing some uplifting art, getting previews of upcoming projects or finding a connection over my general musings about running a creative business.’

Janine’s musings put words to how we feel about the newsletter you’re now reading in an incredibly eloquent and precise way. So much so in fact, it made us appreciate afresh the process we go through each week to bring you All Stitched Up! All whilst reminding us that it’s not about building a library of newsletters, but about building a genuine connection to those who share our passion for all things needle and thread.

So, we hope that amidst the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest times of the year you’ll find, or make, the space for some quiet time, and we genuinely thank you for allowing All Stitched Up! to become a part of your quiet time ritual.

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