21st December 2018

2018 was a big year at Inspirations! We published another four issues of the magazine, sourced and assembled over 1,800 Ready-to-Stitch Kits, updated the Inspirations Index to include Issues 1-100, released our second book in The Passion Series – A Passion for Needlework | Factoria VII, produced ‘Botanica’ which celebrates the work of Julie Kniedl (due for official release in Feb ’19), hosted our 10th International Needlework Convention – Beating Around the Bush and created 48 issues of this newsletter. No wonder some of us are feeling are a little weary!

Besides marking these professional achievements, we also took a moment to ask ourselves, ‘How are we going?’.

In order to answer that question, we realised we had to know the destination we were headed, as any path we took over the last 12 months would have led us somewhere but was it the ‘rightwhere’?!

In the very first All Stitched Up! for 2018,we encouraged you to choose three words that have personal meaning to you that you would use as guideposts over the coming year, words that would help shepherd you towards the lasting results you wanted to experience this year and that’s how some of us chose to answer, ‘How are we going?’.

We thought about our words and whether we’d been consistent in our approach to implementing them and determined if in fact they’d led us to a new destination. No matter our answer to, ‘How are we going?’, we were grateful for the progress we’d made, appreciative of the 10 days that are left in 2018 to take a few more steps forward with some of our words and thankful for the clean slate in 2019 that would allow us to refocus our attention on three words, whether they be the same as 2018’s or new ones that would set forth a new course for the upcoming new year.

What about you, how are you going? No matter your answer to that question, we hope you’re grateful for the year that lies behind you, are looking forward to the festive season that lies before you and eagerly anticipating all the possibilities that await in 2019!

We look forward to returning with All Stitched Up! #170 that will see us welcome in 2019 on 25th January. Until then, we hope you’ll find many an hour amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season to indulge your love of needle and thread.

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