Jacobean Linen Twill

Size per unit: 50cm x 157cm wide (19 1/2" x 5'2")

(For longer lengths please order additional units as required.)



Jacobean Linen Twill is made from flax grown on four farms in the far north of Scotland, far enough away from pollution to produce the natural 'oatmeal with honey' colour.

It is woven by a specialist historic textile weaver. The fabric is in a traditional 'Z' twist, with a high thread count, faithfully replicating linen used in the best crewel pieces from the 17th and 18th Centuries in England and Scotland.

The higher the thread count the easier it is to stitch, and the better the end result. The correct side to embroider is the ‘ridged’ side and showing this twill weave is an essential element in crewel embroidery.

Pricing is per 50cm length. For longer lengths please order additional units as required (eg: 1 metre length = order quantity of 2). All orders will be supplied as a continuous length.

Shipping Time

Please allow 7-14 days for orders placed within Australia and 3-4 weeks for international deliveries. Orders containing a backorder item will be sent as soon as the backorder item is in stock.

Additional Information

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