Printed Patterns Now Available

2nd August 2019

What was once old is new again. Vinyl records, Apricot Chicken, 1980’s fashion – there are a lot of things the world is re-discovering, and print is one of them. The age of the digital revolution is a wonder to behold, but for some of us, that tactile experience of physically holding something can never be replaced. And so it is with Inspirations Patterns!

We get it – it’s not always practical to follow instructions off a digital device and printing large pattern sheets at home can be tricky. So, as of today, we’re bringing back Printed Patterns!

Inspirations Printed Patterns are premium quality booklets with a laminated cover, pull-out pattern sheet and comprehensive step-by-step instructions for the featured design, exactly as they appear in Inspirations Magazine.

Starting with Inspirations issue #103, every project will be available individually in both digital and print.

Plus, we’ve just released projects from Inspirations Magazine issue #100 as printed patterns as well – which is handy seeing this issue is now out of print!

Then, there is our huge back catalogue of over 1,000 designs we’re looking to make available in the future, so if you have a specific project you’d like to purchase as a Printed Pattern, email us HERE and we’ll try and add it to our line-up for you.

Printed Patterns are an ideal way of keeping your magazine in pristine condition, make a terrific gift for a friend or family member or are simply a much lighter and portable way of carrying around the instructions for a project you’re working on.

Browse our new range of Printed Patterns today.

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